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"The McRoberts Wireless Receivers are easy to install -essentially plug and play."

- Electrician

protect your staff members with staffwatch

"MyChild6 is much better than what we had before!"

- Clinical User

mychild protects half a million babies a year

"We don't know how we ever lived without PaxTrak-D!"

- Cruise Line Logistics Manager

turn to paxtrak for offship passenger tracking

McRoberts Technologies is an innovator in real-time locating systems (RTLS) used for infant protection, pediatric protection, patient anti-elopement, panic buttons and asset tracking and management.

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McRoberts Technologies provides these risk-specific, cost-effective, RTLS solutions.

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"Thank you for providing us with exemplary service. We look forward to continuing our partnership with McRoberts Technologies and confidently recommending your services to others."
- Jason Flynn | Hospital Public Safety Supervisor

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