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McRoberts Technologies is an innovator in providing critical, risk-specific, life-safety technologies utilizing real-time location services (RTLS). The company delivers a wide range of advanced technology that helps customers in the healthcare and hospitality industries protect people.


These include the infant and pediatric protection system MyChild, which prevents infant and pediatric abductions. The staff duress systems StaffWatch, UrgenTag and UrgenTag-Ultra provide instant notification to security. The anti-elopement system WanderWatch prevents patients from wandering. The asset management system AssetWatch provides asset location on demand.


PaxTrak is a suite of applications for the cruise line industry. PaxTrak streamlines the management of passengers, vendors and visitors. McRoberts vets in compliance with the MTSA.



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McRoberts solutions in healthcare combine best practices in security, clinical and IT to bring customers maximum value and innovation.


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McRoberts was first to innovate to meet specific criteria for life-safety and compliance with union mandates and government regulations.

Cruise Lines

Cruise Lines

A trusted partner to the cruise lines for decades, McRoberts created the PaxTrak suite of applications for security and operating efficiency.


How Real-Time Location Systems Work


RTLS asset tracking takes advantage of advanced RFID technology to provide around-the-clock wireless monitoring of people and assets. For example, infants in a hospital maternity ward are given bracelets that include RFID. These continuously transmit information to a series of receivers installed throughout the facility. Staff members can log into a browser-based dashboard to use the indoor positioning system to see exactly where each infant is at all times.


Facilities can configure the indoor tracking system to divide the property into zones. If a tag is detected approaching the boundaries of an authorized zone, doors and elevators can be automatically locked to prevent the tagged person or asset from leaving the area. This is critical for preventing abductions and theft, and the technology does not interfere with the operation of sensitive hospital equipment. For facilities that require even greater granularity in their indoor location tracking, McRoberts Technologies provides UrgenTag-Ultra. This leverages ultrasound for higher precision.


Why Choose McRoberts Technologies?


Known as an innovator in real-time location technology, McRoberts is always looking for ways to improve the solutions it provides. As a part of the McRoberts Corporation, the nation’s oldest security company, it draws from a deep well of expertise and know-how to deliver the absolute best and most advanced technology found anywhere in the marketplace. With more than a century of experience behind it, McRoberts also offers the highest levels of customer service and support. In addition to installation, training and maintenance, the company also provides 24/7/365 service by its own team of U.S.-based technicians. To learn more about everything McRoberts has to offer or obtain a quote, reach out today.

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