Asset Tracking & Management In Hospitals

AssetWatch from McRoberts Technologies provides on-demand, real-time asset tracking in hospitals. It provides visibility into the location of assets in addition to collecting, analyzing and reporting critical management data for asset utilization and maintenance.

AssetWatch Tracking and Management Improves Patient Care and Efficiency

Lost and stolen equipment costs the healthcare industry millions each year. Nurses spend roughly one week a month hunting for equipment and supplies. McRoberts Technologies' solution for asset tracking and asset management in hospitals, AssetWatch makes it easier to keep tabs on valuable equipment, prevent theft or loss and maximize use. Using AssetWatch saves millions of dollars and improves overall patient care.

State-of-the-art, flexible, customized, and inexpensive RTLS architecture

Tags applied to assets emit a radio frequency that does not interfere with hospital equipment. These signals are picked up by receivers which pass along tag status and tag location to the server over any standard Wi-Fi network. If tag signals are missed, an alarm is raised.

Easy-to-use mobile graphical interface

AssetWatch asset tracking in hospitals provides on-demand real-time location graphically on a floorplan in the software. Since it is browser-based, it can be viewed from any device.

Improve asset ultilization and efficiency with AssetWatch

Asset utilization tables are based on movement of assets over a time period. Stale assets are easily identified. Asset maintenance records notify you when assets need maintenance or a lease is coming due.

Track and Manage assets in any Industry

With the simple RTLS architecture and the mobility of the software, AssetWatch can improve asset utilization efficiency and save money in any industry!

Trust McRoberts Technologies

As a part of America’s oldest security company, McRoberts Corporation, we draw upon more than a century of innovative thinking and industry-leading expertise. We continue to search for the best technology for each use case, mitigate certain security risks and improve efficiencies for our clients. 

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  • Inexpensive and Easy to Install
  • Access the Software from any Device Including your Mobile Phone
  • Updated User Experience
  • Asset Location Tracking
  • Advanced Asset Management Features

Wireless Receivers plug into any standard outlet.

AssetWatch6’s database server can be onsite, Virtual Machine or in the McRoberts Technologies-managed cloud.

Simple-to-use “card style” Graphical User Interface includes a touch screen option. The new dashboard gives users critical data at a glance.

Save time. Save money. Find your stuff with location on demand. 

Software provides asset utilization based on movement of assets over a time period. Stale assets are easily identified. Maintenance records notify you when an asset needs maintenance or the lease is due.