MyChild: The Advanced Infant Security System in Hospitals

MyChild® provides infant and pediatric
tracking and protection.

MyChild® is an electronic infant security system in hospitals that tracks and protects half a million infants and pediatric patients a year from abduction and/or elopement.

In a MyChild™ System, tags applied to patients emit Tag Locating Message radio signals continually that are picked up by receivers which pass along tag status and tag location to the server over any standard Wi-Fi network. If tag signals are missed, the infant alarm system is activated. 

The MyChild™ server can be either cloud-based or locally hosted. The software is browser-based and can be accessed from any device  such as a tablet or cell phone for mobile use

Door-locking and elevator-locking is optional. If utilized, when a tagged patient approaches a controlled exit, an alarm is triggered and the door locks if closed and elevators are disabled. 

MyChild™ is a cost-effective infant security system due to the low-cost, plug-in, McRoberts Wireless Receivers that create the McRoberts RTLS architecture. The architecture allows for the addition of other McRoberts Technologies applications at a very low cost.

Features of MyChild6

Browser-Based Software

Accessibility is critical for an infant security system in hospitals, and you can connect to MyChild6 from any device such as a tablet, computer, or mobile phone.

Intelligent Tag Management

The recommended number of tags you need in inventory at any time self-calculates based on the number of patients enrolled over the last three months. This number is shown relative to the number of tags currently in inventory so that you can see at a glance if you need to order more tags.

Resource Center

MyChild6 has a Resource Center that is one click from any screen. The resource center has how-to guides, PowerPoints, and videos on every topic from how to apply a tag to how to change your password. All infant protection system materials are always up to date and can be downloaded.

McRoberts Technologies offers a full selection of tags

  • Tummy Tag

    Invented by McRoberts Technologies, the Tummy Tag fits into the hinge of any standard umbilical cord clamp.
  • Bracelet Tag

    The Bracelet Tag can be applied to the patient's wrist or ankle with any band.
  • Cut-Band Tag

    Applied with a thin, soft band that is proprietary to McRoberts, the Cut-Band Tag raises an alarm when the band is cut.
  • Sensing Tag

    Applied with any band, the Sensing Tag activates the infant alarm system when the tag loses contact with the skin.

Unique Simple Tag Exchange Program

Never buy a tag! Let McRoberts manage your tags for you. The Simple Tag Exchange Program (STEP) is a program in which McRoberts manages your tag inventory, testing and disinfecting and provides tags for per-patient use with the MyChild infant protection system. 


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  1. Tags

  2. Tag Bands

  3. Umbilical Cord Clamps

  4. Positive ID Kits for Mother/Baby Matching

  1. MyChild Accessories

  2. Clamp Cutter

Products Protecting People

McRoberts Technologies' solutions are risk-specific and leverage the most appropriate technology for the use case combined with customized user-friendly software. The MyChild anti-infant abduction system was created by security and healthcare professionals to meet the specific risk of infant or pediatric abduction or elopement.

McRoberts Technologies is part of McRoberts Corporation, the oldest name in security in America. Healthcare facilities can be confident that MyChild is backed by more than a century of expertise and experience.

We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service and support. McRoberts provides installation, training, maintenance, and 24/7/365 service by McRoberts Technologies-employed US-based technicians. These qualities and more make us the best choice for your infant security system.

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  • Inexpensive and Easy to Install
  • Access the software from any Device Including your Mobile Phone
  • Updated User Experience
  • Patient Location Tracking
  • Detailed Reports

Wireless Receivers plug into any standard outlet.

MyChild6’s database server can be onsite, Virtual Machine or in the McRoberts Technologies-managed cloud.

Simple-to-use “card style” Graphical User Interface includes a touch screen option. The new dashboard gives users critical data at a glance.

Location on demand. Infant tracking system knows when patients exit and enter protected areas. System knows when patients exit and enter protected areas.