WanderWatch is an electronic security system designed to prevent the wandering of patients.

WanderWatch: Wandering Patient Protection

With WanderWatch from McRoberts Technologies, assisted living and memory care communities can help contain wandering patients and provide emergency information when they need to be located. With real-time and on-demand visibility into Alzheimer’s patient wandering management, this system enables digital and emergency response teams to find patients before they go too far.

Events, alarms, and video are displayed through the Wanderwatch software.

Improving Patient Care With Comprehensive Tracking

WanderWatch is a solution for dementia patient wandering management that allows caregivers to act quickly and decisively as soon as they are alerted by the software. Patients are outfitted with bands that are tracked within a perimeter determined by the facility. If a band is detected outside of that perimeter, staff will be notified.

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