Company History and Overview

From Clipper Ships to Computer Chips!

During the same year that General George Custer was leading the 7th Cavalry to the Little Bighorn and Alexander Graham Bell was applying for a patent on his invention, Irish immigrant William J. McRoberts was employed as a coffee inspector on the Brooklyn, N.Y., piers. In those days the New York waterfront was a bustling place, with tall clipper ships chock-a-block and swarms of workers hustling about the business of loading and unloading them. At the heart of the chaos was the longshore fraternity, a rough, poorly paid occupation that bred dishonesty. Not surprisingly, pilferage was rampant.

It was this tumultuous state of affairs that set the context of opportunity for the young entrepreneur, William J. McRoberts. He founded his own private security company, McRoberts Protective Agency, Inc., in 1876, and began offering his services to cargo owners and carriers.

In 1992, the technology company McRoberts Technologies was founded by McRoberts Protective Agency as a separate company. McRoberts Technologies is an innovator in providing critical, risk-specific, life-safety technologies within complete application solutions to select vertical markets.

McRoberts Technologies is the inventor of the robust and flexible infant anti-abduction system, MyChild; the patient/resident elopement protection system, WanderWatch; the panic alarm systems StaffWatch, UrgenTag and UrgenTag-Ultra; the asset tracking system AssetWatch; and the PaxTrak suite of applications for the cruise line industry, which provide cruise ship operators visibility into passenger, visitor and vendor movements.

In 2016, McRoberts Protective Agency, Inc., sold all of its assets related to the guard company and McRoberts Technologies was spun off on its own. McRoberts Technologies remains 100% owned by Meredith McRoberts, the fourth generation of the McRoberts family of New York, the oldest name in security in America. McRoberts Technologies is a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE).

McRoberts Technologies’ vision is to serve customers for life with the most appropriate technology solutions for each use case. The company’s mission is to mitigate life-safety risks for its clients through technology while upholding the founding McRoberts principle of complete customer satisfaction. The company’s primary objectives are to continue to improve its solutions, continue to drive efficiencies through process improvement, and achieve greater market share with the technologies that it has created for the healthcare, hospitality and cruise line industries. McRoberts Technologies is committed to the protection of its clients’ people, assets and brand reputation.