MyChild Cut-Bands (50)

MyChild, AssetWatch, Wanderwatch

cut-band bands
Proprietary to McRoberts Technologies, the cut-band features a very soft and flexible material. The band is attached to a patient’s limb in conjunction with the Cut-Band Tag for tamper alarm. One size – 11″
SKU: CBB-050

Write-On Bands for Infants (250)


infant bands
A 8.5-inch x 1/2-inch write-on band with one-way adjustable closure used with bracelet tags.
SKU: WOB-400

Write-on Band Sets for Mother and Baby (100)


mother/baby bands
A set of two 7.5-inch x 1/2-inch infant bands and one 11-inch x 1-inch adult band used with bracelet tags.
SKU: WOB-300

Clincher Jr. Band (500)

MyChild, WanderWatch

Clincher Bans
Write-on bands 0.5" Wide x 11.25" Long. Strong laminate/vinyl materials, includes a pre-applied single use locking closure. 
SKU: CLJ-100

Large Write-On Bands (500)

MyChild, WanderWatch

Clincher Bans
Latex-free soft white vinyl bands large enough for pediatric patients and adults; 10 inches x 1 inch; patented secure snap closure.
SKU: WOB-200

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