Tummy Tag


Invented by McRoberts Technologies, the Tummy Tag fits into the hinge of any standard umbilical cord clamp.
SKU: TMT-100

Cut-Band Tag

MyChild, WanderWatch, StaffWatch

Applied with a thin, soft band that is proprietary to McRoberts, the Cut-Band Tag raises an alarm when the band is cut.
SKU: CBT-100

Bracelet Tag

MyChild, WanderWatch

The Bracelet Tag can be applied to the patient’s wrist or ankle with any band.
SKU: BRT-100

Staff Tag


staff tag
The Staff Tag comes with a lanyard and worn by employees to descreetly summon help on demand.
SKU: SFT-100

Asset Tag


The Asset Tag can be applied to any flat surface to track and manage assets.
SKU: AST-100

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